Chhatrapati Shiva Ji Maharaj Biography | Founder of Indian Navy

Chhatrapati Shiva Ji Maharaj Biography | Founder of Indian Navy


Chhatrapati Shiva Ji Maharaj was a great King of India. He was born on 19 February 1630. In 1674 he put the base of the Maratha Empire in West India. He did many wars with Aurangzeb. In 1674 he became the Chhatrapati and got the responsibility of Raigarh. Chhatrapati shive Ji Maharaja build a team of soldiers, he produces new thoughts for “Same Vidhya” found the new ways for “Gorilla War”. Maharaja is aware of the Hindus and instead of Farahi he priority to Marathi and Sanskrit. Chhatrapati Shiva Ji became the motivation for most of India freedom fighter who sacrificed yourself to India.

Chhatrapati Shiva Ji Maharaj

The childhood of Chhatrapati Shiva Ji Maharaj

He was born in Shivneri Durg. The wife of Shah Ji Bhosle’s wife delivered to Shiva Ji Maharaj.
He spent his childhood under the supervision of Jijabai. He was skilled in most of the skills. Shivaji Maharaja got an education for war and politics in early childhood. The elder brother of shiva Ji was Sambha Ji Maharaj, Shambha Ji Maharaj used to spend his with his father shah Ji Bhosle. The second wife of shah Ji Bhosle’s was Tukabai Mohit. Tukabai Mohit delivers a child his name was Ekoji.

The nature of Shiva Ji Maharaj was related to his mother and father, as they both were great. Shiva Ji Maharaj was a good understanding child who used to understand each and every activity of his father and whosoever were around him. Whenever used to be any war with enemies he used to goosebumps to war with them. As soon as he was getting age he was doing well it might be war and skill, direction, etc. Chhatrapati Shiva Ji Maharaj got married on 14 May 1640 with Saibai Nibathkar in Pune.

The wives of Shiva Ji

According to that time to make a unity empire of Marathas Chhatrapati Shiva Ji did 8 married

1. Saibai Nimbalkar – (Children: Sambhaji,
2. Sakhubai, Ranubai, Ambikabai)
3. Soyarabai Mohite – (Children – Deepbai, Rajaram)
4. Putlabai Palkar (1653-1680)
5. Gunawantabai Ingle Sagunabai Shirke
6. Kashibai Jadhav
7. Lakshmibai asked
8. Sakwarbai Gaikwad – (Kamalabai) (1656-1680)

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Death of Chhatrapati Shiva Ji

After taking poison on 3 April 1680 Shivani Maharaj died. After his son, Sambhaji Ji has inherited a succession of Shiva Ji Maharaj. Everybody was ready to accept Sambhaji as Maharaj of the kingdom because the other child of Shivani was so younger. In that time when Shivani died Auranjeb thought to win in the whole of India. Aurangzeb went with his 5,000,00 soldiers but Sambhaji Maharaj killed all of them in only 3 days, and all the soldiers fought 1 year under the supervision of Sambhaji Maharaj

Some important Dates in Shiva Ji Maharaj’s life

1. 1594: Birth of Shivaji Maharaj’s father Shahaji Bhonsle.
2. 1596: Birth of mother Jijabai
3. 19 February/1630: Birth of Shivaji Maharaj.
4. 1630: Famine in Maharashtra from 1631
5. 14 May 1640: Shivaji Maharaj and Saibai married
6. 1646: Shivaji Maharaj took over the Toran fort near Pune.
7. 1656: Shivaji Maharaj won the Javali from Chandrarao More.
8. 10 November 1659: Shivaji Maharaj killed Afzal Khan.
9. 5 September 1659: Birth of Sambhaji.
10. 1659: Shivaji Maharaj captured Bijapur.
11. 6 to 10 January 1664: Shivaji Maharaj attacked Surat and obtained a lot of wealth.
12. 1665: Shivaji Maharaj signed the Purandhar Peace Treaty with Aurangzeb.
13. 1666: Shivaji Maharaj escapes from Agra imprisonment.
14. 1667: Title Grant of Aurangzeb King Shivaji Maharaj. He said that it is right to levy tax.
15. 1668: Treaty of peace between Shivaji Maharaj and Aurangzeb
16. 1670: Shivaji Maharaj attacked Surat for the second time.
17. 1674: Shivaji Maharaj got the title of ‘Chhatrapati’ in Raigad and got the coronation. Jijabai’s death on 18 June.
18. 1680: Death of Shivaji Maharaj.

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