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Chhatrapati Sambha Ji Maharaj Biography


Chhatrapati Sambha Ji Maharaj was the son of Chhatrapati Shiva Ji Maharaj, when Shiva Ji died the Sambha Ji was inherited. Chhatrapati Sambhaji Maharaj was also known as Sambhuraje. Sabhaji Maharaj won 120 fights continuously even a single fight did not lose. Sambhaji Raje was famous for intelligence with education and skill in weapons. He was born on 14 May 1647 in Purbander Durg of Pune. Approximately he fought 210 wars and most of the time their soldiers won the wars. He wrote a book also at the age of 14 which is named Budh Bhusan.

chattrapati sambha ji maharaj
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Early Age of Chhatrapati Sambha Ji Maharaj

The Father of Sambha Ji Maharaj’s was Shiva Ji and his mother was Saibai. When Sambha Ji Maharaj was only 9 years old he went with his father to meet Aurangzeb. When they both reached Aurangabad then Auranjeb arrested Maharaja Shiva Ji and Sambha Ji, but via some technics, Sambha Ji passed his father from prison the Sambha Ji also got out from prison. As Sambha Ji reached Maharashtra, he did a conversation with Mugal, and Sambha Ji Maharaj becomes the king of Panchhajari. Sambha Ji formed a team of soldiers with a unity of Marathas.

Education of Sambha Ji Maharaj

Sambha Ji Maharaj learned 13 languages till he became 13 years old. At this small age, he learned Geeta, all the Vedas and armory, archery, and others. Most of the ethology was taught by his mother Saibai. Sambha Ji Maharaj was a good observer also who learned many things by looking to others also.

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The conspiracy behind the Sambhaji Raje

Once everybody was telling their problems to Sambha Ji Maharaj and one of them was the brother of Sambha Ji Maharaj’s wife. His name was Garon Ji Shirke he asked for a salary from Sambha Ji Maharaj and Sambha Ji denied his salary so he got angry with Maharaj. He knew already that Sambha Ji going for a work from a unique which nobody knows accept Marathas. Aurangzeb was so clever as he got to know that Garon Ji Shirke is not happy with Sambha Ji then he called to Shirke and asked the way from where Sambha Ji was going. Garon Ji Shirke told each and every activity to Aurangzeb about the way so as Aurangzeb got to know this he sent 2000 soldiers on that way and they arrested Sambha Ji Maharaj and Kavi Kalash.

Death of Sambhuraje

In 1683, Sambha Ji Maharaj was going in a way with his 200 soldiers but there came Mugal Empire soldiers who were 2000 first Maharaj Chhatrapati Sambha Ji and Kavi Kalash fought with them but in last they both were arrested by Mugal Soldiers. Aurangzeb killed both of them on 11 March 1689. After getting died Sambha Ji Maharaj to next day the younger brother of Sambha Ji Rajram became the third king of the Mughal Empire.

Three Demands of Aurangzeb for Chhatrapati Sambha Ji Maharaj

1. Change your religion and accept Islam.
2. Give me your Marathas kingdom.
3. Whatever you theft give me and tell the name who helped you in this.

What Aurangzeb did with Sambha Ji and Kavi Kalash before killing him

1. Aurangzeb cut the tongue of both.
2. He tore eyes both of them
3. Auranzeb divided the body of them.

Wish of Aurangzeb while Killing to Sambha Ji Maharaj

Aurangzeb said If I would have a son as like you, I were the king of Marathas.

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