Burj Khalifa World’s Tallest Tower in Dubai, UAE | How Burj Khalifa Built

Burj Khalifa World’s Tallest Tower in Dubai, UAE

Burj Khalifa is a very popular and the World’s tallest building, it is situated in Dubai in UAE (United Arab Emirates). Also as per the source, Burj Khalifa was completed successfully in October 2009, but it was inaugurated on 4 January 2010, and it was announced on 10 March in the whole World that, Burj Khalifa is the world’s tallest tower.

Burj Khalifa world's tallest Tower
Source:- Guinness World Records

Why Burj Tower renamed as Burj Khalifa

As Burj tower which is situated in Dubai (UAE). Construction of Burj tower was very costly due to so much expensive, president of Abu Dhabi (capital of United Arab Emirates) Khalifa bin Zayed helped and he contributed to building Burj tower. Due to his contribution, Burj Khalifa was constructed, hence the Burj Khalifa was renamed from Burj tower to Burj Khalifa for respect the Abu Dhabi president.

World’s tallest tower Burj Khalifa features:

Here, you will get to know about each and everything about Burj Khalifa structure features.

According to the report, it was started to build 6 January 2004, after six years of construction, it was inaugurated on 4th January 2004. Tower took 6 years to build the World’s tallest building.

1. It was started to build on 6th January 2004
2. The name of the tower was the Burj tower, but it was an expensive project. But the President of Abu Dhabi helped it to construct, it was renamed from Burj tower to Burj Khalifa.
3. It is 828 meters tall and everything inside it created in a such way, which makes it very beautiful inside.
4. This project had been given to the famous property dealer Emaar started work on 6th January 2004.
5. The Structural Feature Included 160 + Story tower, Podium Structure adjacent, Have a six-story office adjacent, and A two-story pool facility near.
6. The tower consisted of 2,80,000 m sq area. This is utilized for 700 residential apartments located from 45 to 108 Floors, and the remaining spaces are till the 160 floors are occupied by the corporate sector.
7. An estimation of the total cost of Burj Khalifa was about US$20 billion and the tower construction $4.2 Billion.

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Basic Structural elements of Burj Khalifa

The World’s tallest tower took the following material to build.

• Concrete used = 250000 cubic metal.
• Curtain Walls = 83,600 sq.m of glass and 27900 sqm of metal.
• Steel Rebars Used = 3900 tones.
• Men Hours = 22millon man-hours, (1200 labour)

Who made the tower design of Dubai:

Adrian Smith who is a renowned architect is the man behind the Structure Features design of Burj khalifa.

World record of Burj Khalifa:

According to Guinness World Records, it has the following features.

Burj Khalifa was developed by Emaar properties and architects by the renowned Skidmore, owing and Merril LLP.

We’re born with a challenge. A challenge to prove to ourselves first, and to the world, ‘Yes we can’,” said Mr Ahmed Al Falasi, Executive Director of Burj Khalifa, when describing his initial inspiration for erecting the tower.


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