Arvind Kejriwal Exposed: 12 States affected with Oxygen, said Sambit Patra

Arvind Kejriwal Exposed: 12 States affected with Oxygen, said Sambit Patra

CM of Delhi Arvind Kejriwal exposed of demanding 4 times more oxygen than the requirement, SC.

Sambit Patra
Sambit Patra | File: The Economic Times

The kind of politics done by the Arvind Kejriwal government regarding oxygen has been exposed today. The Supreme Court had set up an oxygen audit panel. Report of that panel says oxygen requirement was shown by Delhi government to be increased by 4 times: Sambit Patra, BJP

Due to this lie of Arvind Kejriwal, there were 12 such states which were affected about their oxygen supply because oxygen had to be cut off from all places and sent to Delhi. Arvind Kejriwal was saying that he needs a lot of oxygen. Arvind Kejriwal has committed this heinous crime: Sambit Patra

Committee of SC has told that Kejriwal lied about the oxygen of demanding. He tried to stop the oxygen in 12 states. therefore Kejriwal should be arrested for criminal negligence, attempt to murder, lying to the nation and the Supreme Court: Kapil Mishra.

BJP leaders have been talking about a so-called report which states that there was no O2 shortage in Delhi during COVID peak & Delhi exaggerated its O2 requirement by 4 times. Let me tell you that the report BJP has been quoting doesn’t even exist: Delhi Dy CM Manish Sisodia

It is unbelievable to see that Arvind Kejriwal & Delhi govt politicised oxygen supply when #COVID was at its peak. This is such petty politics. The data presented by Oxygen Audit Committee in the report is shocking: BJP leader Sambit Patra

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