9-year-Old Girl was Raped and Then Forcibly Cremated

9-year-Old Girl was Raped and Then Forcibly Cremated

9-year-Old Girl was Raped and Then Forcibly Cremated
9-year-Old Girl was Raped and Then Forcibly Cremated

In a recent incident in the capital, a 9-year-old girl was forcibly raped and then forcibly cremated. Victim’s mother told that all this has been done deliberately, she only wants justice. The police have registered an FIR, the matter is serious.

Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal has reached the bottom of this matter and Congress President Rahul Gandhi has also come forward in this matter. Rahul Gandhi has questioned his mother and expressed grief through tweet that the daughters of the country are not safe.

9-Year-Old Girl was Raped and Then Forcibly Cremated

A 9-year-old girl has been raped in Delhi, on this Arvind Kejriwal has announced a compensation of ₹ 1000000 to her family. On the other hand, Congress President Rahul Gandhi has interrogated the victim by sitting in the car. And have expressed grief by tweeting these things. The victim told something like this about herself.

The victim told that a man who was standing in the dargah comes and tells her that Pandit ji is calling you. When the victim reached there, she came to know that her daughter was dead, due to which it is said that she was electrocuted.

But she wanted to get it checked. But the woman has clearly said that when she reached the ghat, she was refused by the Pandit to take the matter to the police.

And he was afraid that if this matter reaches the police, then in such a situation this matter can go a long way.

And the boy was forcibly cremated in a hurry by telling that he died of lightning.

But finally the woman took the matter to the police, when the police came to know about the matter, the police arrested that Pandit ji.

The investigation of this matter is still going on. According to the report, the rape of the girl took place around August 1. And his age is being told 9 years.

Police has made a report on this matter. NCPCR i.e. National Commission for Protection of Child Rights has sought all the reports of the child’s case from the policemen.

And everyone has given their own reaction on this matter. All the people say that the culprits should be punished severely, they should be given the harshest punishment.

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