3 Types of Coronavirus Vaccine Available in India

3 Types of Coronavirus Vaccine Available in India Read in detail below

Three types of vaccines are being implemented in India, which is currently a very good way to prevent coronavirus. Which vaccine you are getting depends on you.

3 Types of Coronavirus Vaccine Available in India
3 Types of Coronavirus Vaccine Available in India

The coronavirus pandemic has wreaked havoc not only in the entire country, but in the whole world. Many people lost their lives due to corona virus in India. And many lakhs of people have been affected by it. There are three types of vaccine available in India and all three types of vaccine are being applied, which can help you a lot in fighting coronavirus. Which of these vaccines you want to get depends on you. Because covaccine is an Indian vaccine, more and more people should also get it as an indigenous vaccine. But you can get any of the three vaccines because all three have got compulsion from the Government of India.

1. Covaccine

First comes the name of Covaccine, its name is Covaccine, this vaccine is manufactured inside India by the Hyderabad based company Biotech Limited. This vaccine proves to be very effective and enhances an immune system in the human body, which is of great benefit in fighting the coronavirus. And if more and more people get the vaccine, then it can get rid of coronavirus in the country quickly. Everyone has different ideas about the vaccine, when to apply the second dose. So the Union Cabinet Minister said that the second dose must be administered between 4 weeks to 8 weeks.

2. Covishield

Covishield is a type of Oxford estrogenic vaccine. The Covishield vaccine is being manufactured in India by the Serum Institute of India. The price of this vaccine is also different. Covishield Oxford University’s Jenner Institute has produced it in collaboration with the pharma company AstraZeneca. If you vaccinate it, then you will have to get its other friends also. By the way, at present, it used to be used between 4 weeks to 6 weeks, but you can get it installed between 4 weeks to 8 weeks also. And don’t forget to take the second dose.

3. Sputnik V

Apart from Kovishield and Covaccine, a third vaccine is also available in India, which is named Sputnik V. It is named after the President of Russia, the name of the President of Russia is Vladimir Putin and the Russian government had approved the vaccine to be installed in India. | So this is also going on in India.

If you have not got the vaccine yet, then book now on the government’s website. The link to get the vaccine is given below. And the way has also been told in which way you can book the vaccine.

You can book the vaccine in two ways, the first way was with the help of Arogya Setu, the second was with the help of the website.

Book Vaccine: You have to follow these steps on the website.

1. Go the official website of government @cowin.gov.in

2. Click on Registration/Login it will carry you @selfregistration.cowin.gov.in

3. You can open it either by using your phone no. or you can use your Arogya Setu App.

4. After Login, you have to register yourself with all the information given there to fill.

5. After that you can find and schedule for you to inject vaccine.

6. It is your choice to choose time, place and type of vaccine, but it is also important that there should be vaccine available.

7. Don’t forget to inject 2 dose, and use mask and sanitization even after you have injected coronavirus vaccine.

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