11 Interesting Unknown Facts About Holi the Indian Festival of Good Over Evil

11 Interesting Facts About Holi the Indian Festival of Good Over Evil

Holi:- Many people’s thinking raise a question in their mind that what are the facts behind and the Holi and it started and what were the character of this situation so here we have listed some of the Holi’s facts which will help you to you understand the whole scenario of Holi.

11 Interesting Unknown Facts About Holi
11 Interesting Unknown Facts About Holi

1. The Origin of the name Holi:- The Origin of Holi is Holika who was the sister of Hiran Kashyap. Holika got a boon from god that she will not burn into the fire but while saving the Prahlad’s life her clothes fly on the Prahlad and Prahlad didn’t burn into fire and Holika Burnt, So this day became the origin of Holi

2. Evil King Hirankashyap:- Evil king Hirankashayp had a boon that he could not be killed inside the house nor outside the house, nor would he die in the day nor would he die in the night nor the earth But neither could be considered in the sky.

3. Lord Krishna Association with Holi:- There is another story of Holi which is related to Lord Krishna some of the evidence says that lord Krishna was poisoned by the breast milk of Putana and his skin changed the real color. The skin converted into blue skin. This skin became a doubt for Krishna that will Radha like him or not, but rather liked him and this day became the origin of holi festival

4. Holika Dahan-A Day Before Holi:- A day before rangoli is celebrated Holika Dahan which is also known as ” Chhoti Holi

5. 16 Days Holi Celebration:- The Holi is celebrated 16 days at the place of Lord Krishna where he was born.

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6. A popular saying: There is a popular quote for Holi for every person which is “Bura na mano, Holi hai!” which means “do not mind, it’s Holi.”

7. Holika bonfire:- Holika Bonfire is the place where all the people collect and pray to go god and  apologize to God

8. The second day of the festival:- The second day of Holi referred to as “Rangwali Holi” it is the main day where people throw the colour on each other with happiness

9. Beware of this drink: Holi is also known for the consumption of an intoxicating – Bhang.

10. Nationa and International Celebration:- This is the festival which is celebrated all over India and as well as some other countries also such as Nepa etc.

11. Wearing Cloth:- white is the colour which should be wear by people so that colour can be easy to be seen as rangoli.

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