10th Guru of Sikh Guru Govind Singh’s Biography | Govind Singh’s History

10th Guru of Sikh Guru Govind Singh’s Biography

Guru Govind Singh was born on 22 December 1666 as Govind Rai. Guru Govind Singh was 10th Sikh guru. Guru Govind Singh had played many roles as a philosopher, poet, warrior, and spiritual master. The father of Guru Govind was executed by Aurangzeb after this, guru Govind Sahib became the leader of all the Sikhs at the age of nine. Govind’s 4 sons died while his lifetime. Two died in battle and 2 were executed by the Mughal army. As he contributed much to Sikhism so he found a Sikh warrior community which was known as Khalsa in 1699.
Guru Govind Sahib
This was the time when he introduced 5s which was known for the faith that Khalsa Sikhs wear at all times. Guru Govind Singh was known for Dasam Granth of Sikh with the Khalsa rituals, Sikh prayers. He is also known for finalizing the Guru Granth Sahib as Sikhism’s primary scripture.

Early Life of Guru Govind Singh

Gobind Singh alone for his father and his father was Guru Tegh Bahadur he was the 9th Sikhs guru. Gobind Singh’s mother name was Mata Gujri, born place of Govind was Bihar in  Sodhi Khatri family, the childhood name of guru Govind’s was Govind rai and shrine named Takht Sri Patna Harimandar Sahib identified that they used to live there, he spent 4 years of his life. In 1670 his family came to Punjab then went to Chakk Nanaki in the Himalayan foothills, this was the place where he did his schooling.

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Govind Rai was known as Gobind Singh after 1699 when his father advised him to become a leader to lead to Sikhism, but this was the time there were ongoing conflicts between Sikhism and the Islamic Empire, this scenario guru teg bahadur was arrested by Aurangzeb this was the time when Govind rai was confirmed to lead as a leader on 9 March 1676

Education of Guru Govind Singh

Govind Singh continued his education after becoming the 10th guru of Sikh. Govind Singh was learning reading and writing as well as martial arts. Guru Govind Singh wrote the which is known as Chandi di Var in Punjabi, they wrote about the good and the evil where good was against injustice were told.

The Wives of Guru Govind Singh

  1. When Guru Gobind Singh was the age of 10, he did marriage to Mata Jito on 21 June 1677 at Basantgaṛh
  2. When Guru Gobind Singh was the age of 17, he did marriage with Mata Sundari on 4 April 1684 at Anandpur
  3. Whe

The leadership of Guru Govind Singh


Guru Govind Singh has been played an important role as a leader in history and he became an example for Sikhs of leadership. Guru Gobind institutionalized the Khalsa which played a key role in protecting the Sikhs, Khalsa has been played also an important role to protect the Sikhs after the death of Guru Gobind also. he is known for the best leadership because in 9 invasions of Panjab and holy war led by Ahmad Shah Abdali from Afghanistan between 1747 and 1769.

Stabilization of Khalsa

In 1699, Guru Gobind sahib allowed to congratulate the Vaisakhi this was the spring harvest festival. With norms of Sikh tradition, he said to sacrifice his head like a volunteer on Festival then 1 person came to sacrifice his head, then he was taken inside in a tent after few minutes Sudden guru came outside with a bloody sword and he called one more person for sacrificing the head there 4 people came forward to sacrifice their head and went to the inside of the tent, Then Govind came with outside with 4 bloody swords. When the time came for the third-time guru Govind came outside with 5 volunteers who were all safe. so this became a tradition by the name of Panj Pyare and the first Khalsa in the Sikh tradition.

The death of Gurugovind Sahib

The death of Aurangzeb happened in 1707, after dying him the fight was going on between all the sons of Aurangzeb but the final bahadur shah Jafar became the official successor of the whole empire.so, Bahadur shah Jafar invited guru Gobind sing to meet with a person of shah’s but this meeting was delayed. It happened after a long time so in this meeting, guru Govind was Assassination by Jamshed Khan and Wasil Beg.

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