10 Stranger Law of North Korea Kim Jong Un – Must Read

10 Stranger Law of North Korea Kim Jong Un

North Korea’s ruler Kim Jong Un always remains in the headlines of news. The Kim Jong Us people have always been famous for the law in their country. He has made such laws for his country which will surprise you too. You will be shocked to know about 10 such laws of North Korea’s ruler Kim Jong.

10 Stranger Law of North Korea Kim Jong Un
10 Stranger Law of North Korea Kim Jong Un | Credit: vanityfair

All the people of the world keep cursing Kim Jong because the law he has made for his country is a law to persecute the people of his own country. North Korea’s ruler Kim Jong Un is considered bad in the world because he oppresses the people of his country.

It is believed that if there is hell anywhere on earth, it is North Korea. The people there can’t even take a sigh of relief. The people there are harassed so much that death is better than them. By the way, there is currently starvation in North Korea, which has become a headline for the whole world. Today we will know about 10 such laws of North Korea that will completely surprise you.

Top 10 Stranger Law of North Korea Kim Jong Un

Voting System of North Korea: Votes are held in North Korea every 5 years. But there is no courage against Kim Jong Un who can stand in his opposition. That’s why every time Kim Jong Un’s government is formed. Because only and only Kim Jong Un’s government gets the Hundred percent vote.

3 TV channels: Kim Jong Un has only 3 TV channels in his country. The citizens there do not know anything about the outside world. They are told only what is told in these 3 TV channels.

Only 28 hairstyles: There is a lot of discussion going on in North Korea regarding hairstyles. Because here only and only 28 hairstyles are recognized. You can’t have any other hairstyle here. Because only 28 hairstyles have been recognized in North Korea, out of which 10 hairstyles are for men and 18 hairstyles are for women.

Living in Pyongyang: Only and only those people who are rich can live in Pyongyang, the capital of North Korea. It is strictly forbidden for the poor to live there.

Different Calendar: In Kim Jong Un’s country, the calendar is different from the whole world, it has been only 129 years, while 2021 is going on in India and everywhere in the world.

3 Generation Punishment: North Korea’s worst law score is believed that if someone commits a crime in that country, then his punishment is for three generations. That is, if a person commits a crime in North Korea, then his son and his grand son will also be punished.

Education People: Here 99% of the people are educated. It can be a good thing that it is mandatory for everyone to take education here. That is why 99% of the people here are educated.

Adult Movies: If you watch adult movies here, then you can be sued and this is a big crime according to the country there. Even you cannot keep a religious book like the Bible here.

No Traffic Light: There is not a single traffic light in North Korea. Because here there is a traffic police instead of a traffic light, which tells the vehicles by gestures.

No Internet: Internet is not available in North Korea. Because if you know deeply to North Korea, then you will come to know that there is only one internet company that provides internet to only a few people.

Visit in North Korea: If you want to visit in North Korea, then you have to first get the permission of the government. There you cannot take a photo of any poor person, it is a crime according to the law there. Because if you bring that poor photo to your country, then it will spoil the desire of North Korea, says Kim Jong Un. You can only visit in North Korea where the government has made a permit.

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