10 Most Dangerous Viruses in The World | Treatment, Protection from Virus

10 Most Dangerous Viruses in The World

Friends, today I have brought for you 10 most dangerous viruses from the world’s most dangerous viruses, although there are about 3 lakh 20 thousand kinds of viruses in the world, which can affect the memes. Memals means mammalian organisms.

That is, those who do not give eggs but give birth to children. Of these, the most dangerous viruses kill around 1.5 crore people worldwide.

Let’s see, what are the 10 deadliest viruses in the world so far.

  • Ebola and Marburg Virus
  • Hepatitis-B & C
  • Rabies Virus
  • Flu or Influenza
  • Yellow Fever
  • Dengue
  • Measles
  • Small Pox
  • Rota Virus

10. HIV AIDS (10 Most Dangerous Viruses in The World)

10 Most Dangerous Viruses in The World
10 Most Dangerous Viruses in The World

According to experts, around 40 million people worldwide are currently suffering from the HIV virus. According to an estimate, every year for the past 30 years, about 2 million people lose their lives due to this disease. So far, about 25 million people have died due to this disease.

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9. Ebola and Marburg Virus

10 Most Dangerous Viruses in The World

Ebola and Marburg viruses are among the most dangerous viruses in today’s world. Because no solid treatment or vaccine has been developed yet. While the virality rate of these viruses is up to 90 percent. The symptoms of these two viruses are almost the same. After getting infected with these, a person has problems like hemorrhagic fever, organ failure.

8. Hepatitis-B & C

10 Most Dangerous Viruses in The World

Hepatitis-B kills about 7 lakh people every year. It is currently counted among the most dangerous diseases. It attacks the liver firstly, causing liver cancer or liver damage. The liver damage in this disease is permanent, which cannot be cured by treatment. Hepatitis-C causes the death of nearly three and a half million people in the world every year.

7. Rabies Virus

10 Most Dangerous Viruses in The World

Rabies has been considered a very dangerous disease since ancient times. Rabies disease can also be caused by bats or dog bites or nail-biting. Every year 60 thousand people die from this disease worldwide. Most of these deaths occur in Africa and South Asia.

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6. Flu or Influenza

Flu or Influenza

Every year around 5 lakh people die due to the flu. The most dangerous flu pandemic (a pandemic is a disease that catches a large part of the world.) Spanish flu killed 5 to 100 million people. It is considered the most dangerous flu pandemic ever.

5. Yellow Fever

Yellow fever is a disease spread by the mosquito. It can cause a high fever, jaundice, and damage to body parts, and can also be fatal. It is highly effective in sick tropical areas or mosquito-affected areas. This disease can affect individuals at any age due to mosquito bites and can cause death in critical condition. Since there is no proper cure for yellow fever. Therefore, proper measures should be adopted for its prevention, and vaccination against the disease should be ensured.

When the condition of virus in a person is very serious, blood starts coming from his nose, eyes, mouth, and stomach. About 50 percent of the patients who reach this condition have to lose their lives within 7 to 10 days. Even today, Yellow Fever affects about 2 lakh people worldwide and takes about 30 thousand lives. Which is a very dangerous virus.

4. Dengue

Dengue virus is spread by mosquito bites. This virus is found in 110 countries of the world and affects about 100 million people every year, out of which about 20 thousand people die. People who catch the virus again often reach a critical state.

3. Measles

Measles is called measles disease in common language. In the last 150 years, it has killed about 200 million people. According to old records, it killed about 2 lakh people every year. However, this virus has now been controlled through vaccination. But the worst case of measles is that a person infected with this virus can infect 12 to 18 people.

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2. Small Pox

Chickenpox (also called small mother or varicella), a childhood
Common disease. It is usually mild but it can also be severe,
Particularly in younger people and adults.

The virus has killed most of the world’s people (30 to 500 million deaths) than any other virus. Because the virus has an R0 (read R-naught), which means the reproduction number is between 3.5 and 6. That is, a person infected with this virus can infect 3 to 6 people. Its fatality red is 90 percent. However, this virus has now been completely eradicated from the world through vaccination.

1. Rota Virus

Rotavirus is a highly contagious virus. This is the biggest reason for causing diarrhea in children. Due to which the child may have to be admitted to the hospital or the child may also die.

Viruses are among the oldest living organisms on Earth. They are found everywhere and can be life-threatening. There is no organism in the world that is not infected by viruses.

Rotavirus is also known as the child killer virus. It kills 5 lakh children every year around 5 worldwide. It spreads fatal diarrhea in newborns and children between 6 and 8 years old. Due to which many times the lives of children are lost.

If you have to protect yourself from viruses, you will have to spell this caution –

-Avoid applying hand in eyes, nose, and mouth
-Do not hold the lift button and door handle
-Be careful while traveling in public transport
-Avoid shaking hands with others
– visiting crowded places such as malls or cinema
– Avoid going to the airport and railway station
-Social gathering and avoid going to the wedding party

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