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Top 5 Brock Lesnar Bloody Fight in the World – Sport News

Brock Lesnar Bloody Fight in the World

Brock Lesnar Bloody Fight in the World


If you have come to the world of WWE then you must have heard the name of Brock Lesnar in WWE.

Not only that, you know that Brock Lesnar does not calm down until Broke Lesnar brings his enemy to the hospital,

When Brock Lesnar removes the globs of his hand, then you understand that now the fight of blood has to take place.
So today we are going to tell you about 5 such fights that are full of blood
Is fight

1. brock Lesnar blood fight with Undertaker

You must have heard the name of Undertaker. Brock Lassner and The Undertaker had a fight in 2014. The blood of both of them was very much there in this fight. In which The Undertaker first tore Broke’s head and later Brock Lesnar tore the Undertaker’s head and the fight continued for a long time, but Brock Lesnar won the end.
The same Undertaker kicked Paul Heyman’s head, causing a lot of blood from Paul Heyman’s head.

2. brock Lesnar blood fight with Randy Orton

Broke Lesnar’s fight is also with Randy Orton, in this fight, Broc Lesnar had just torn Randy Orton’s head, there was a lot of blood from Randy Orton’s head, which could also kill Randy Orton. Brock Lesnar was quite angry at the time, and Brock Lesnar was not even letting doctors stop the bloodshed.

Randy Orton was the most dangerous fight of the time with Brock Lesnar, Randy Orton could be killed in this fight. Let us tell you that Lesnar had won this fight, but Randy Orton’s head had 17 locks. Whose marks are still visible in his head.

3. brock Lesnar blood fight with John Cena

John Cena who is a big superstar today, John Cena has never given up in the ring until he wins. But a wrestler tried to defeat him, which is named Broke Lesnar, yes, Broke Lesnar’s fight was with John Cena. In which Brock Lesnar had killed Jahn greatly and had also torn his head, in which his blood was drained. Lakhs thought that John Cena would lose but in the end, John Cena picked up Brock Lesnar and banged it hard and John Cena won the victory.

4. brock Lesnar blood fight with Roman Reigns

The name of Roman Rains is one of the biggest stars in WWE today, who can never think of giving up. He also had a group called The Shield, which had three wrestlers. Leave Kher but the fight of Roman Rains alone was Broke Lesnar’s fight.

Roman Rains had beaten Brock Lesnar the most in his life that day. The thing was that Roman Rains had broken the rules of the game so that the police came into the ring and beat him in the hand, but in the meantime Brock Lesnar He came and removed the blood from the dying head and gave his clothes to the Roman Rains.
But the Roman Rains had taken their revenge.

5. brock Lesnar blood fight with Triple H

Triple H brock vs Lesnar blood-min

Triple H is an American professional wrestler, and actor who derives his ring name from Triple H. Triple H is a professional wrestler, who fights less fight in the ring, but when he gets angry, he never misses.

Similarly, he had a fight with Broke Lesnar, in which Triple H spilled Broke’s blood. But there was no one who won.

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